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I envision a West Virginia that has economic security for every West Virginian. I hope for a West Virginia that focuses more on education and ending child poverty than giving tax cuts and legislative favor to the wealthy and large corporations. I imagine our state being a model for the nation on drug addiction rehabilitation where we focus on treatment rather than incarceration. West Virginia should be a state that supports workers’ rights and creates jobs that are safe and pay an actual living wage.

If elected to serve in the West Virginia House of Delegates, I promise to be on the front line, fighting for these issues that are of utmost importance to the quality of life in our state. I will promote progressive ideas and programs that emphasize strong Democratic principles and values that will aid the common good and benefit the citizens of West Virginia.

As a member of the House of Delegates, my top priority will be to address the following critical issues facing our community:
  • Job Creation and Economic Growth: We need to evaluate tax breaks and other incentives that have failed to create the economic growth intended. Many other natural resource rich states have established permanent trust funds funded through severance taxes to help create future economic diversification.

  • Taxes: In these tough economic times higher taxes place an additional burden on families and small businesses. Tax Expenditures allow big businesses to effectively pass down their tax burdens on families and smaller businesses. A careful, continuous review of budgets and spending is in order.

  • Education: Maintaining the quality and standards at our local schools is essential for our children’s future. I will fight to make sure that WV pays our teachers what they're worth, because you can't put children first if you put teachers last.

  • Effective Government: I am committed to making our government more open to input from constituents, and to offer maximum access and transparency in its proceedings and decisions.
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